Employment Law Services in Mason City, IA

The Law Offices of Timothy L. Lapointe, PC provides access to representation for both individuals and businesses. Attorney Lapointe is an employment attorney based in Mason City, IA, with a history of communicating with clients in simple and effective terms.

Our Legal Services Include

  • Discrimination
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Cases
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Wage & Hour Loss
  • Whistleblower Litigation
  • Family & Medical Leave Act
  • Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Sexual Harassment

Workplace Law

If you sustained a work related injury and your employer isn't giving it serious consideration, Attorney Lapointe wants to help protect your rights. Employment law extends to matters involving wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination and severance issues.

Putting Your Interests First

Attorney Lapointe will lead an investigation into your situation that often includes reviewing documentation of the incident, evaluation of any related medical reports and interviews with any witnesses. He puts the best interests of his clients first, with the goal of seeking a resolution that's acceptable to all involved parties.

Providing Much Appreciated Clarity

In many cases, an employer has a completely different account of the circumstance involved in a work-related injury or dispute. Attorney Lapointe will present your legal options and answer your questions to provide the clarity you need to make well-informed decisions by providing the facts on:
• Applicable workplace safety laws
• Statutes of limitations applicable to your situation
• Types of compensation you may be entitled to receive
• Legal options specific to your case

Navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of employee-employer relations by turning to the Law Offices of Timothy L. Lapointe, PC in Mason City for guidance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Attorney Lapointe during our convenient office hours or to make arrangements for a meeting at your location.